Luxury Condos

Living in a Luxurious Myrtle Beach Condo - The Good Life

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has much to offer if you are seeking a luxurious vacation getaway or a permanent place to live. This gorgeous stretch of coastline encompasses four different regions: Cherry Grove, Windy Hill, Ocean Drive, and Crescent Beach are all apart of the city of North Myrtle Beach. All four areas were combined back in the late 1960's and now make up the North Myrtle Beach area, as we know it today. Atlantic Beach is the only municipality that remains independent of the main Grand Strand of North Myrtle Beach. Oceanfront condos along North Myrtle beach are both beautiful and luxurious. Many individuals purchase luxury condos in this area because of the breathtaking scenery this region has to offer.

Why a Luxury Condo?

Myrtle Beach condos are the perfect choice for vacation rentals or permanent settlements. Many ocean front condos along North Myrtle Beach are luxury condos, and offer more amenities than the standard condo projects. Luxurious condominium accommodations can include:
Scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean
Spacious rooms
Generous decks
Easy access to the hot spots around North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach also has numerous deluxe condos for rent. These condos typically fill up quickly during the spring and summer months, so it is best to talk to a real estate agent beforehand so you can rent the property of your choice.

Rent To Others

Investment property along North Myrtle Beach is more popular now than ever before. Myrtle Beach real estate not only sells fast, but also can turn a profit back into your wallet in no time at all. Purchasing luxury condos in this area may be one of the best investments you ever make. Even if you don't want a permanent condo to live in all year long, consider renting it out to someone else when you are not there. Luxury condos within themselves are beautiful, but just think about if you added your own personal decorative touch to the place. You could then rent the place out at the price you desire and then make money when you are not even living there at certain times of the year!

North Myrtle Beach SC Attractions

People who buy or rent luxury condos not only have ideal living conditions, but quick access to all of North Myrtle Beach's cool hangouts. Most of the high-rise condos overlook the Atlantic, and all you have to do is step right outside your door to hit all the entertainment venues. There are numerous shopping malls, succulent restaurants, and ample entertainment venues for the kids all around North Myrtle Beach. Summer evenings are the perfect time to take a stroll with that special loved one along the beach. During the day enjoy swimming, sun tanning, sailing, along with other playful beach events. If you ever get tired of the beach, then go check out the golf courses. North Myrtle Beach has lush, green golf courses and has been rated one of the best places to play golf in the entire country! So what are you waiting on? Contact a Myrtle Beach South Carolina real estate agent today for listings and start living the luxurious condo life you only dreamed about!