Myrtle Beach Condos Nightly Rentals Rent for the Night

Myrtle Beach Condos Nightly Rentals

Rent a Myrtle Beach Condo By the Night

An ideal vacation spot 

Myrtle Beach is an ideal holiday destination for the whole family especially with the vast diversity in its attractions. This little town has been attracting tourists since its inception. As the town grew into a city, it became a place not only for visitors but also for people who chose to make it their home. 

There is plenty to do at Myrtle Beach – live entertainment, golfing, shopping, dining and if none of these are the perfect holiday activity then there is 60 miles of wide beach at one’s disposal. Enjoy the warm sunny and very beautiful coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. The beaches offer an endless variety of water sports from sailing to surfing and swimming to name a few. Fishing is also on offer for those interested. Golfers will love the 108 signature golf course. 

Condos as vacation homes

 With Myrtle Beach attracting the number of tourists that it does every year finding that ideal vacation accommodation should not be a problem. There is a wide variety available for one to choose from. Myrtle Beach Condo Nightly Rentals work as ideal stays for families as they are self contained and can accommodate between 5 and 8 people depending on the size. Common facilities that a condo may offer are: TVs, VCRs, CD Players, a swimming pool, air conditioning, a jacuzzi, a hair dryer, a toaster, an iron, a microwave, gym and internet access etc. Some might even have a barbeque grill attached.

 The cost of a condo 

While vacation condos are easily available, their rates and plans depend on the season like all other holiday destinations. Some might offer stay for a night while others will require guests to stay for a minimum of three nights. Most of the time rent also needs to be paid in advance along with a security deposit.

 A two bedroom myrtle beach condo accommodates about 3 to 6 people and cost between $25 - $275 per night depending on the kind of property and the season.

 Three bedroom North Myrtle Beach condos have room for 6 to 8 people and cost upwards of $180 touching $750. This again is dependent on the place and time of year one chooses to visit.

 Four bedroom mrytle beach condos are available for $50 to $500 and would cater to about 8 to 12 people. If budget is the constraint, there are large one bedroom condos also available for rent. These Myrtle Beach Condo nightly rentals can house up to 6 people and are fairly cheap to rent.