Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Myrtle Square Mall Redevelopment

Myrtle Beach Pavilion - Myrtle Beach

    The New and Improved Myrtle Beach Pavilion

1.     Myrtle Beach Pavilion – redevelopment of


The Landmark 

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion amusement park was the steadfast attraction for both, locals and holiday goers alike. For over 50 years it was one of the most prominent things about the city.  

Myrtle Beach Pavilion was officially inaugurated in 1948, but the Pavilion goes back to 1908. There were two Pavilion buildings prior to this one that was opened up in 1948. The early years of the Pavilion featured Ice Skaters, Dance Troupes, Bear acts etc. A few years later rides were also added to the park. As the park grew travelling carnivals became a regular feature. The park became a thrill for both kids and adults alike, catering to rides and entertainment for both segments. Perhaps the most famous ride at this park was the Carousel, the Herschell – Spillman product that was made in 1912. 

The End of an Era 

Just before the start of the season in the year 2006, the owners of the park announced that this landmark would be closing down. This was to be the park’s last season. This announcement saw a magnitude of visitors flocking to the park, resulting in profits like never before. The opening of the Hard Rock Park was announced around this time. A lot of efforts were made to try and keep the park open, but it did close in September 2006. The owners however, promised to keep some of the rides and attractions that were possible to store for the new park when constructed. Two of the most important of these were the Carousel and the Band Organ. 

The Beginning of a New One 

As promised by the owners, the successor of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion holds memories of the old. The Pavilion Nostalgia Park on the beach offers a lot of the historic artefacts and the classic rides from the original park. The Carousel, The kiddie and adult pirate rides, the wave rider, the dune buggy, the boat and tea cup rides and the Caterpillar are a few of the rides that have been preserved. The famous German Band organ has a place here too. 

While the park will certainly not replace the old one, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Nostalgia Park will open up a new era of memories and fun for the whole family, fun that is affordable and safe.  Fortunately for vacationers and visitors there are many nearby Myrtle Beach Condos available for rent